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Aquarius Zodiac Sign (January 21-February 20)

Aquarians hate conventions and will never kneel to anyone’s expectations. Therefore they are often considered weird or slightly eccentric. Also generous, unique, original, intelligent, and smart.

Moreover they can be cold, idealistic and unpredictable.

Sometimes Aquarians may appear to be insensitive as they face difficulty while dealing with their emotions and feelings. They can form close bonds with people, once they get comfortable with them.

Aquarian also appreciates independence, freedom and honesty.

They will consider relationships as lifetime commitments. So Aquarians are capable of sacrificing to save their relationship.

They value family life and enjoy people who are creative, honest, and intelligent. 

When someone breaks their trust, an Aquarius person goes nuts.

Aquarius people are known for being strong, original, and deep thinkers. But, the only problem they have is expressing their emotions properly.


*Unconventional (They are rebellious and they need freedom. Also they love innovative ideas.

*They love to socialise, they are not judgemental. Aquarius natives are adaptable, but they still prefer their solitude. In order to charge their batteries.

-Aquarians need mental stimulation so they won’t get bored and lose all motivation. They can make great team leaders.


* They can be quite detached from the world and the people around them, which can often come off as disrespectful.

-Sometimes very stubborn. They will listen to the opinions of others, but will strictly follow their own ideas.

* They can work hard to achieve their dreams, no matter what.

Aquarians are very loyal.

Protective Stones: Amethyst, Amber and Haematite. Colours: Yellow and Red. Lucky Numbers: 3, 9 and 2. Tarot Card: The Star. 

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