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Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Zodiac Water Sign (June 21st and July 22nd). Ruled by the Moon. They have a tendency toward change and a peace-loving nature. Their ability to understand emotion within themselves and within others.

Typically, water signs are emotionally sensitive and generally self-protective.

Key traits of water signs: • Extremely observant • Intense emotional connection. • Cancers tend to get lost in the past. •Mysterious • Creative and innovative 

 Cardinal Sign

•Ability to overcome challenges with ease  •Perceived as natural leaders.

Cancer has a great sense of loyalty, powerful intuition and empathetic nature.

They may also experience the natural drawbacks: 

Such as *moodiness, *pessimism and *being suspicious.

Moreover, Cancerians are often shy and typically need a lot of time alone.


Cancers want pure, unconditional love. So not to be kept around for someone else’s benefit.

* Compassionate and Empathetic

–Ability to Find Happiness. 

* Social justice warriors

* Very Loyal. Their loyalty is proverbial. Also is their honesty, good listening, and genuine concern attributes. 

* Imaginative. 


Cancerians are prone to extreme mood swings. Besides they’re inconsistent. And they can be needy, too connected to the past or inclined to passive-aggressive behaviour.

Due to their sensitivity, they’ll forgive but they never forget. Furthermore, they need to heal their past wounds. By reconciling/re-unite/ restore friendly relationships or making peace with the past. 

* Moodiness. They can get moody, when you last expect it. Moreover even for small problems.

Work and Career:

Cancer is a hard-working, loyal, and exceptionally assiduous employee.

They will pay attention to very specific rules and are very detail-oriented people. In addition they take their commitments seriously.

Cancerians are not the type to move from job to job frequently. 

Lucky Numbers: 2, 7, 9, 11, 25. Lucky stone: Ruby. Colours: White, silver. 

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