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Life Path Destiny Number 4

People with life path destiny number 4 are very pragmatic and realistic. They can make money in so many ways. Jobs in finance, banking or commerce are suitable for you. They have this talent in earning money pretty easy.

Very good in “reading” people so some other jobs suitable for you would be in marketing and Human Resources. They are also very analytical, intelligent and good in “exact sciences”.

Traits to be more exploit as jobs or hobbies as they could be materialised in something bigger. Very cerebral they need to take time to relax and detach from every day tasks once in a while. With a strong sense of right/wrong they really appreciate honesty.

Although, in a negative way, they tend to be stubborn, rigid or too serious. Therefore, very cautious they can’t deviate much from their original plans. This can lead sometimes to missing great opportunities in their lives.

Love, Dora 💕

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