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Full Moon for Aries

Full moon for Aries makes them very organised, productive and careful with his image “in the world”. So he will look good, talk “like he should”, will be a leader at his job and will prove he is an important employee there.

If you have projects, meetings or dates that are major for you, try to settle them during this date. As chances of success are really high, on all fields.

This astrological moment is a very important one, carrying a lot of positive energy. Therefore I recommend you to:

  •  write on a paper three things you want to release and then burn that piece of paper.

  •  take care of yourself: of your body, of your soul, of the superficial pleasures of life, but also of those deeper things that might interest you.

  • consult a specialist in Astrology to find out more on your personal lessons or tools you have

  • meditate and have more courage.

  • take into considerations readings of Tarot, Cartomancy and Feng Shui just to understand what’s happening to a greater extend and level of knowledge.

Love, Dora 💕

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