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Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Do you prefer being the centre of attention or Do you also like being alone? Also do you care deeply about your family and friends? If you answered yes to these questions, you are probably a Leo!

The “Queens and Kings of the Zodiac.”

They are well known for their leadership qualities, creativity, confidence, and socialising skills. 

You have a very caring and protective nature, especially toward your family. 

Element: Fire. Ruling planet: The ruling planet: the Sun which gives them the following traits:

* Leos are energetic and bossy

*Creative, generous, strong people

*Leos prefer to be the centre of attention. They are warm and bright. 

*Leos can be materialistic and often indulge in expensive and luxurious objects. 

*Leos are stubborn. Even if the other person is right, Leos will try their best to prove them wrong and win the argument.

*Leos have impeccable leadership skills. 

*Leos are passionate and romantic. They have an irresistible charm and extroverted nature.


The best place for a Leo to recharge and to distress is home. Listening to music, always on internet finding new ideas, eating delicious food and watching their favourite films. 

Leo at Work: They are driven, motivated, and put in a 100-percent effort to achieve their goals. 

Some Facts about Leos:

* Leos love drama.

– Leos are believed to be addicted to shopping.

*They’re playful and they love to tease.

– They tend to be very loyal, headstrong people. 

*Leos are passionate, sensual, loyal.

Strengths or Positive Traits of Leos:

1. They are Warm, Bright, and Loving. A Leo will make sure that their family and friends are comfortable.

2. They have Charisma. They are good looking, and confident.

3. They are Born Leaders & Reliable. Quick. They never quit and they will always be working towards a major goal “work hard, play hard”

4. Leos will take risks. Leos rarely say no. They are extremely adventurous.

5. Leos forgive easily and will give another chance to the people who have wronged them.

6.  They keep their promises. 

Weaknesses or Challenging Traits of Leos:

1. Leos are Impulsive, especially when they get an idea and want to implement it. 

2. They Can be a Bit Controlling, without even being conscious of it.

3. Leos are often stubborn and defensive, arrogant.

Their defensive nature can be problematic. It doesn’t matter whether they are right or wrong; if Leos think that they are right, they will do anything to prove their point.

4. They are Unable to Bear Losses. Leos can be deemed hopeless romantics. They do need attention, but they are ready to give equal attention. But a minor inconvenience, insult, or loss in relationships can leave a deep scar in their hearts.

Great Careers for the Leo:

* Designer, Actor; Makeup Artist

* CEO or Director (leadership skills).

* Lawyer or Judge (Leos are stubborn and will stretch their arguments to prove their point until the other person agrees or gives up).

Tips for the Leo to Achieve a Fulfilling Work-Life:

* Set a Routine, Work on Your Communication Skills and Techniques,

*Take some “me” time to charge your batteries.

Leo needs: Respect, True friendship, Passionate Love.

Lucky stone: Ruby. Colours: Orange, red, white, and gold. Lucky numbers: 4, 6, 10, 19, and 22.

Famous Leos: Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Napoleon, J. K. Rowling, Halle Berry, J.Lo etc.

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