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Libra Zodiac Sign (Sept. 23- October 22)

Ruled by Venus (goddess of love), produces the peace-lovers of the entire zodiac. These are people that need the finer things in life. Libras likes fairness and equality. Libra is associated with romance. Seekers of justice, strive for harmony in their relationships. Those born under the sign of Libra will love music and art.

They immerse themselves in how the human mind works and they want the perfect relationship where both parties share everything. But they need more solitude and space than they might have realised.

Libras may spend their entire lives looking for the perfect relationship. They are good with people, logical and intuitive. Charming people, they want communication more than any other sign.

Its element is Air

Libras are loyal, and friendships tend to last a lifetime. Overly emotional, Libras can get hurt by even the smallest argument. Once committed, Libras will stay true and loyal.

They need calm, harmony, and creativity in their homes. As an Air sign they will strive to master honesty, equality, and justice.


*As good mediators and peacemakers, they tend to choose their words very carefully, preferring to use diplomacy and conciliation than harsh words.

– Romantic.

*Adaptable to most situations, makes Libra calm and balanced when chaos reigns around them.

-Libras are born leaders.

*Diplomatic: They can’t function well in tensed environments therefore they are the ones who usually calm the situation.


*Loyal: They are captivating, diplomatic, fair, and intensely loyal. They love harmony in their lives.


* Hesitant and Indecisive: They must have a steady, balanced environment.

-Afraid of Being Offensive.

* Demanding of Justice; they believe in justice and equality.

-Narcissistic -craves recognition. Very sensitive to criticism, but comfortable criticising others. The charming Libra can quickly turn aggressive.


Indecision can lose Libra’s many job opportunities.

Libra has an analytical, logical mind. 

Libra Career Paths:

*Doctor, Psychologist, Architect, Engineer, Lawyer, Musician, Teacher, Artist, Writer.

They are clear-headed and diplomatic, so customer complaints services are good roles for Libra employees. 

They are open and friendly to everyone.

Libra hates gossip. 

While Libra is a social being, they are comfortable in their own company when working. They can get easily distracted when spending long periods working alone or when they get bored.

Libra pays particular attention to their look an appearance. Taking a few extra minutes looking in the mirror when they are already late for work is their big fault. Libras most common traits are honesty, fairness, love of beauty, and a desire for elegance and style.

Libras need Romance the most in their lives -to be loved and admired. They also need:

* Stability.


*Adventure: Libra has a great love for nature.

Lucky Stones: Opal, Tiger’s Eye, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine. Lucky Numbers: 4, 6, 13, 15, 24. Colours: Pink & Green.

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