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Life Path-Destiny Number

One of the most important numbers in Numerology is Destiny Number. This life path destiny number represents who you are now and who you tend to become or evolve into.

It is calculated adding all values of all the letters of your birth name. It is important to mention here you should use your name exactly as found on the birth certificate.

The destiny number can be used as a whole (using name, middle name, surname) or split for name, surname, and middle name. In this case, you should know;

-your first name describes more about your life’s purpose;

-the middle name tells you more about your “hidden” capabilities and

-the last name shows things you inherited from your family.

So, here’s how to calculate: add the value of each single letter from your birth name, as written on your birth date certificate. You have the values below: 1 – A, J, S 2 – B, K, T 3 – C, L, U 4 – D, M, V 5 – E, N, W 6 – F, O, X 7 – G, P, Y 8 – H, Q, Z 9 – I, R

Love, Dora 💕

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