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Numerology is the study of numbers in your life. Based on the notion that everything is inter connected and all exists in perfect synchronicity with everything else. It is a Metaphysical science.

Considered the father of this science, Pythagoras (596B.C), believed that every event in life has deep numerical connections.

The 3 major forms of numerology are:

  1. Kabbalah (internal and spiritual knowledge). Rooted in Jewish traditions, In Middle Ages, it’s an esoteric method based on mantras, mandalas and meditative techniques.
  2. Chaldean (mystical). It used to recognise the energy changes that occur when someone speaks or thinks. This is the oldest form. It is based on date of birth. And it shows the personality and ideal profession using 8 numbers.
  3. Pythagorean (Western) –the most popular system based on Latin alphabets and numbers. It uses the person’s full name to calculate the Destiny number (the purpose of the person’s life).
  4. The number obtained from your birth date is also used to unveil your personality. You can find more info about Destiny Number by visiting

The connection between Numerology & Tarot:

The numbers of each Tarot cards have specific meanings:

  • Aces (new beginnings, opportunity, potential, a new journey, sudden changes, news).
  • Balance, harmony, partnership, duality.
  • Creativity, groups, growth, maturity.
  • Structure, stability, strength, security, manifestation.
  • Change, obstacles, difficulty, loss, instability, conflict.
  • Communication, cooperation, harmony, happiness, reward, a path towards success.
  • Reflection, hard work, discipline, knowledge.
  • Progress, transformation, action, accomplishment.
  • Goals, success, fulfilment, a time to celebrate.
  • Completion, end of a cycle, renewal, karma, conclusion.

Numerology is a very complex science. And there are many numbers related to your personality and your destiny to calculate. Such as Expression Number, Soul Urge, Birthday Number, even your Lucky Mobile Number and so on.

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