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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign (November 22nd and December 21st)

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign is governed by planet Jupiter. Jupiter represents growth, expansion, healing, miracles, good fortune, and higher education. So Jupiter gives them enthusiasm and optimism.

Sagittarius men are classically idealistic and opportunistic. Also they radiate this innocence and can come across as annoying or childish.

Sagittarius sign has no tolerance for dishonesty, a pronounced sense of humour and an ability to make loads of friends. They often say things too bluntly.

Sagittarius women, on the other hand, are very logic. Therefore, they know what needs to be done to accomplish big goals. The struggle they face might be communication related. Moreover, they use their honesty and frankness to catch others off-guard. Sagittarius women are very independent.

Sagittarius zodiac sign natives are the most curious and energetic personalities. Also, adventurous and independent. They are open-minded, often extroverted. Extremely passionate, enthusiastic, easy to excite and they enjoy changes.

Sagittarius have always a purpose in life. They are the people who want to know everything about anything.

Sagittarius can be quick to anger and needs personal freedom more than anything.

Sagittarius will not have much patience. Therefore, they have a high intolerance for those who repeat the same mistakes over and over again.


Those born under Sagittarius are optimistic about all the wonderful things to come. Besides, they see no point in dwelling over the past or obsessing over things that might go wrong.

They have the most direct and straightforward personalities. Sagittarius also hates prejudices, and they actively work to cultivate friends from all backgrounds. They don’t like ultimatums. Furthermore, if you ask them to choose between their relationship or their friends, the friends will win.

They are very loyal and they don’t want to be taken advantage of, used, or exploited. Accordingly, they are very supportive and they love seeing people succeed and being happy around them.


They love to explore everything in the world.

Impatient and childish sometimes, intolerant (they can’t stand double face/fake people).

Afraid of Commitment (they fear committing to the wrong person). 

A Sagittarius native truly wants that deep soulmate connection, that once-in-a-lifetime love.

Sagittarius needs someone who can give him that freedom and independence, that joy of life.

Sagittarius sometimes very blunt. So he doesn’t hesitate to “tell things as they are”. They say exactly what they mean, and they say it whenever they feel like, especially when they are unhappy.


Sagittarius is looking for careers that involve:

*Ability to work outdoors • Travel frequently – Freedom to change schedules as needed • Ability to help people – Ability to learn new things • Variety in daily work – Big goals.

They Hate Routines and Overly Organised Elements of Life.

Recommended jobs: Architects, Teachers, sport/life coach.

Sagittarius natives want to keep their options open. So they need something they’re passionate about. Wide open spaces, lots of freedom and no rules or restrictions in life.

Lucky colours are blue and purple. Potential health risks: the liver, hips, and thighs. Stones: turquoise, topaz and citrine. Also, Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 33, 99, 39, 93, 27, 72, 18, 81. 

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