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Scorpio Zodiac Sign (October 23-November 21)

Scorpio is one of the most sensual, powerful zodiac signs. It is a Water sign (which gives them calmness), governed by Pluto (versatile and passionate about everything).

Your challenge: As a Scorpio, you tend to make other people angry because of how jealous and secretive you can get sometimes. 

Business & Work: You are motivated to give 110% because you have a deep fear of failure. You’re very loyal and you bring a unique perspective to whatever challenges need to be solved. You’re very charming and have a strong will. 

Most Scorpios are incredible surgeons, scientists, doctors, and spiritual leaders. You’re not afraid to dive into completely new careers or projects that you’ve never had to deal with.

You are a champion at setting immediate goals that are real and tangible and making them happen. 

With money, you’re clever. You’re a conservative spender.

Scorpio Jobs:

-Detective, Pharmacist, Psychiatrist, Surgeon, Researcher, Hypnotist, Human Resources.

Scorpio Strengths:

This zodiac sign is all about extremes (people born under this sign as weak yet powerful; cold, yet passionate; clinging, yet independent). You never do things halfway.  Others find it easy to depend on you to get the job done.  If you make a promise, you will definitely stand by it.

As much as you enjoy socialising, you need balance (a space where you can retreat to so you can recharge). You’d rather live somewhere that’s far from the noise of the city.

Even though you may seem calm on the surface, you’re very persistent and strong-willed as well.

You don’t just find a way; you find a score of ways to get your goal. Your mind is very philosophical, and you might have a keen interest in religion – as well as the occult.

You’re very flexible and adaptable, kind, loving, loyal, generous, and gentle. Very passionate about it all.

You’re incredibly patient, and you persevere no matter how bad things get.

You’re dependable, loyal, diligent, and dedicated, trustworthy.


You usually have your own agenda, and no one besides whoever you reveal them to will know anything.

You’re always trying to work out what to do next and strategizing your life. The reason you’re this way is you need to be in control, otherwise you feel you are in danger.

When the Scorpio isn’t evolved, they often try to manipulate and control other people and situations for their own gain/greed.

Mood swings-you can be affectionate, kind, and yet unpredictable and violent.

You can be very loyal, but also possessive and jealous.

For you, it’s not okay that anyone you care about or love might feel something for someone else besides you.

You’re the kind of person who absolutely will never forget when someone has been good to you, and you will do your best to pay back doubly. On the other side, you never forgive a wrong, and you are more than willing to wait years at a time to attack back with vengeance.

You get very suspicious, and you don’t trust people so easily. Learn to be more open to the world; not everything and everyone is out to get you. 

Facts about Scorpios:

● You are awesome at leading, inspiring, and encouraging others.

– You can’t stand fake or superficial people.

● You can have long-distance relationships, staying deeply loyal no matter what.

– You pay attention to your words. You always mean what you say.

● You are scared of being betrayed.

– There’s nothing you love more than being understood.

● You can be very stubborn

– You are an expert in multi-tasking.

● You’re super fun and very creative.

– You detest unfair judgements. 

Your dominant key phrase is “I Desire”.

Lucky day is Tuesday.  Your lucky numbers are 2 and 4. Your Magical Stone is Topaz. Lucky colours are: maroon, burgundy, and crimson. 

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