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Tarot has been a popular method of reading for centuries. Originally just an entertaining parlor game, not a divination tool.

Nowadays Tarot is an art that offers us guidelines in almost any topic.

I grew up surrounded by Tarot cards as my mother and grandmother always used them to entertain and help around their friends. Sometimes I wonder if this passion of mine started from there or is just in my genes. The truth is at some point I realised I knew almost all the symbols and could see in those cards pictures and small frames of the future. Of course, this was just the beginning, completed afterwards with study because I really wanted to become the best. The best in interpreting what cards have to tell me.

Have you met someone and you want to know if this person is THE ONE?

Are you at a career crossroads and do not know which direction to choose?

Nothing important seems to happen so you just need the light at the end of the tunnel and a small glimpse of what the future might bring?

Tarot Cards can tell us all sort of things about almost any field. From my experience, I can tell you the more specific you are with the questions (Is “X” right for me?/ How is “the one” meant for me?/Is it wise to change my job? etc.), the more precise the answer. This is how Tarot cards work.

As in Astrology, Numerology and all kind of divination arts, Tarot readings depend a lot on interpretation. Therefore you do need someone trained, experienced and gifted. At some point I read a quote I found very true and helpful: “Tarot tells the truths we dare not tell ourselves.”

I am willing to give you the answers you need, but I will not sugar coat it. I will tell you the truth, in a polite and kind manner, but I will always tell what cards have shown to me. Be prepared for these “truths” and use them carefully afterwards.

✔Completion between 24-48 hours from the order (you will be advised the completion time when the reading is booked)

✔Personalized and real readings, not “copied, pasted”, not “sugar coated”✔Please note I cannot deal with health matters, lottery numbers, gambling or betting.

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