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Taurus Love Compatibility

Taurus Love Compatibility: Taurus is a very sensual, sensitive, but also down to earth sign. An unusual, yet sexy combination.

Therefore,when it comes to Taurus Love Compatibility, there are not so many signs Taurus is not compatible with. Especially that he is very likeable and when he wants something, he usually gets it.

As far as the most compatible signs, Taurus is very compatible with Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo and Cancer. These are “by the book compatible signs”. Although I should tell you that, from my experience with some of my clients, Taurus might be very drawn to Aries, Libra or Scorpio.

Three signs which are not in the cards, but they could form a very passionate and compatible couple. If they pass the test of time it’s only up to them (or up to their personalised data chart synastry).

Love, Dora 💕

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