Below are a few testimonials of Dora, as a Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Numerologist & Feng Shui Specialist:

Testimonials Clients Feedback

  • Tarot Reading

    “I have known Dora for a lifetime. We studied together at university and had the same circle of friends. We went to the same places and I was always amazed by how she always gave me the best advice. Even if I didn’t tell her much about my situation. One day, a mutual friend told me Dora can also “read” in the Tarot cards. I correlated it with my feelings regarding her way of approaching things and I contacted her for such reading. I was in a toxic relationship, although “on the outside” everything looked just fine. Dora knew it from the very beginning, adding more details she couldn’t have known other than from the Tarot cards. She helped me a lot back then and afterwards each and every time I needed her. “

    Marina, 36 years old, Romania  Testimonials Clients Feedback

  • Feng Shui

    “We moved in United Kingdom one year ago. I did all the “decorating stuff” by myself and yet I felt that was not a “home”. Therefore I was not feeling well, the children were more and more agitated and I and my husband grew apart. One day I met Dora at my work place and she kept on telling me about Feng Shui. Usually I don’t believe in this stuff, but I don’t know why I started to apply her advice. Maybe cause I was a little bit desperate. Slowly, but firmly, things started to change. Now it is much better and all thanks to Dora whom we consult with every new “redecorating” plan".

    Allison, 30 years old, United Kingdom Testimonials Clients Feedback

  • Astrology

     “Men don’t believe in astrology and all kind things. I have known Dora for some years and she made my birth chart (with interpretations) without me knowing about it. Maybe I was like a challenge for her. All came out so clearly, I recognised myself there, my personality, my problems and yes, I could say that reading helped in a business matter I had for some time. I recommend Dora because I know how attentive, passionate and studious she is."

    Paul, 34 years old, United Kingdom Testimonials Clients Feedback

  • Numerology

    “I kept on telling her to have a website, a Facebook page, a Fiverr account because I was thrilled by her “powers”, as I use to say. She doesn’t like this word because behind her work is a lot of study, but I tell you I “tried” all these “powers” from numerology charts, astrological love compatibility reports, tarot and all worked. She had me and that's the truth". Caroline, 28 years old, France

I hope this answers your questions about my Spiritual services. If there is anything not answered, please call me on 0786 1084677 (9am – 9pm) or email guideyourdestinybydora@gmail.com

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Legal disclaimer: Any information or guidance given from Dora is not in lieu of professional advice, whether it be personal, legal, financial or medical. If in doubt, please speak to an appropriate advisor.

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