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Virgo Zodiac Sign (August 22 — September 22)

A Virgo is a feminine, mutable sign. The Element is Earth. Ruling planet is Mercury.

You are a practical, modest, and reserved person with a piercing analytical mind, seeking knowledge and understanding in all you do.

You use your talents to help other people.

Dominant verb is “Analyse”.

Virgo Possible Health Concerns: thyroid gland, pancreas, delicate digestive system. 

● Your lucky day is Wednesday. ● Your lucky numbers are 3 and 5.

● Your magical birthstone is Sapphire.

Your special colours are Gray and Navy Blue.

As a Virgo, you can’t help but interfere, offer criticism, and appear unemotional.

At Work: You work really hard, and you’re intelligent, an undeniable asset.

One of your strongest traits is your attention to details. Perfection is something you tend to achieve.


You’re analytical, practical, hardworking, loyal, and gentle.

* conscientiousness (doing a good job at whatever responsibility has been assigned to you).


* Incredibly organised.

*Full of ambition (wanting to grow in knowledge and wisdom and to apply all that you’ve learned in a way that benefits you and everyone around you).

*Very intelligent and logic (Your memory is sharp, your mind crisp and capable of analysing as no one else can)


* To assume the worst and always think the worst.

– Tendency to be focused on one thing to the exclusion of the big picture.

* You take a small, simple problem and blow it out of proportion by complicating it. Try not to be so analytical of things; sometimes things really are as they seem, and there’s nothing more.

– You can be too critical. You’ll push people to give better than their best.

* Be mindful of giving in to hypochondria (you assume you’re sick even though you’re fine).

-You’re an expert at handling your finances.

At home: nothing matters to you more than a home that is neat and tidy. 

 You’re like a puzzle, a real mystery, very hard to read a s a person.

You enjoy being able to take care of people around you (materially/supporting them/giving the best advice).

Quick Facts About Virgos:

● They are extremely logical. ● Always know what they want. ● They can solve almost any problem. ● Sometimes judgemental, but they’re just trying to help. ● Very loyal. ● Perfectionists. ● They can be hard-headed sometimes. ● Independent.

Suitable Jobs:

*Writer:, Accountant, Nutritionist. Executive Assistant, Statistician, Computer Engineer.

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